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High-Quality and Efficient Infrastructure Construction 

The Trunk Road Network 

  Supported by the access road of the highway and trunk roads like Shanhai Road, a well-connected traffic system was being constructed for Lingshan Bay Film-Television Cultural Industrial Zone. At present, a trunk road network consisting of three east-to-west roads and two north-to-south roads is under construction and will be opened to traffic in 2016. 


New Rural Community Construction 

  Five resettlement areas in Jiulong, Zhenggezhuang, Baiguoshu, Buluolin, and Daxiaolandong are planned and built according to the high standards of the “6 + 4" model, a brand new model for resettlement. Upon the completion of the project, villagers of more than 8,000 households of 15 villages will be living in their own new homes. 


Infrastructure in the industrial area 

  According to international standards, supporting infrastructure, such as international hospitals, international schools, substations, and sewage treatment plants are being built. About 1.28 billion yuan has been invested in the electric power project which will consist of four substations at Chaoyang Mountain, Lingshan Bay and two other locations. 


The speed of Lingshan Bay 

  The speed of Lingshan Bay signifies the fact that the Urban Planning Exhibition Center and Ecological Sightseeing Park of Qingdao West Coast New Area have been built in a highly efficient manner while ensuring the high quality and standard of the planning and construction. 

  After 6 months’ construction, the Urban Planning Exhibition Center and Ecological Sightseeing Park of Qingdao West Coast New Area, nicknamed "Window of the City", was opened for a trial run in October, 2012. 

  In August, 2013, it took only 21 days to complete the construction of the temporary passage under Binhai Road, creating a new record of bridge construction in Qingdao. 

  After 9 months' construction, the primary structure of the Wanda Mall — the biggest synthesis of culture, tourism and commercial in China — was topped out in November, 2014. 

  After 80 days' construction, the hole-through of the left hidden hole of the Chaoyang Mountain tunnel was realized in August, 2015. 

  West Coast Ecological Sightseeing Park received more than 200,000 visitors during the 20 days of soft operation in April, 2016. 


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