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See far into the future and get prepared

  The West Coast Development Group will adhere to the Company Spirit of Diligence, Innovation, and Brilliance. Based on the national new area, it will keep up with first-rate international enterprises, and become larger and stronger by fully leveraging the international capital market. The Group will gear up its industry layout to rank among first-rate investment holding companies at home and abroad as soon as possible. 

  According to the short-term planning, West Coast Development Group will rely on Wanda Group, its strategic cooperation partner, to build a world-class Film-Television Industrial Park. It is estimated that 30 foreign films and 100 domestic films and television programs will be shot and produced in Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis each year. And over 3,000 film-television companies on the industrial chain will be attracted to settle  here to form a screen culture industrial cluster. Meanwhile, the group has introduced another strategic cooperation partner--China Hewlett-Packard Co., Ltd. to the new area and build HP Software Big Data Global Application Research & Industry Foundation. Nearly 1,000 well-known international companies in software testing, software development, IT resources management, and Cloud and Big Data research & development will be attracted to settle in here so that a high-tech R&D cluster with great international influence will be formed. 

  In the future, three 10-billion-yuan-class industrial clusters, namely screen culture, intelligent technology, and tourism industrial clusters, fostered and supported by the West Coast Development Group, will rise in the central part of the West Coast. And these three industrial clusters will create 150,000 jobs and attract over 20 million tourists. With the ambition of building the "capital of film & TV" and a "smart city", this part of Qingdao will be a "future city" with unique culture,, the charm of the ocean, and international reputation and influence. 


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